New A La Carte Menu


Fruit salad £6.50
Oak land salmon £9
With shallot, parsley, capers and brown bread

Grilled marinated king prawns £9
With garlic, parsley, lemon

Roast Chicken Caesar salad £8.50
With crouton , pine nut and parmesan cheese

Peas and barley salad £5.20



Salmon dill fish cakes £10.95
Served with asparagus salad and tartar sauce

Trio fish £18
With king prows scallops , squid, served with truflle potato tender broccoli and tomato capers salad



Pan fried marinade jerk con fed chicken supreme £16
Served with crushed sweet potato and spinach

Grilled rib eye steak £19
Served with portobello mushrooms, roast tomato, garlic butter and watercress

Home made Beef or Chicken burger £15/13

Stuffed eggplant with butternut squash (ve) £13
Served with spinach, shallot, tomato sauce, okra and fried plantain

Fresh tagliatelle pasta £15
Served with halloumi cheese, courgette, cherry tomato, chilli garlic, spinach and parmesan

Roast rump of lamb marinated with lemon zest, garlic rosemary £20
Served with rosti potato, bok choy, green and red current sauce



Creamy mashed potato £4.50

Seasonable vegetable £4.50

Fried afro Carribbean plantains with sweet chilli £4.50

Root beetroot coleslaw salad and pumpkin seed £4.50